Spanish Account Changes for Bwin Party

According to sources, the players who are customers of Bwin.Party who have accounts on and have been told that one of these accounts will be closed down. Players were informed about this through an email that was sent to them on the 1st of October.

The email stated that they are contacting users in order to inform them that the company is abiding by the regulations of the Spanish market and that they will have to close down the account that the users have on According to the Gambling Act, each record has to be unique for each operator and that the deadline to comply with this act is the 1st of October.

Since the company operates in the market through three brands,, and, they are obligated by law to allow users to only have one account on or / since these two use the same platform. The company will close down the accounts. As for players who want to keep it and close down the account, they will have to get in contact with support by email. Players will also have to contact customer service in order to clear the funds on the closed accounts.

The company ended the email by apologizing for the inconvenience that such actions might cause but insisted that it is doing that to comply with the rules and regulations.

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