Privacy Policy

ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING’s Privacy Policy Terms:

ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING assures the visitors and the users of the site that any information that they provide to the website is kept safe and secured. This information is safeguarded by the most advanced technologies in encryption and protection, which prevents any one from hacking or attempting to access this information.

The users of ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING will provide the website with information that includes their first name, email address, last name, physical address and email address among other information. Other users who wish to purchase a service or a product will be required to provide more information such as billing address, credit card details and banking info.

Due to the sensitivity of this information, ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING will not share or sell any of this information to external websites or third parties. ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING will only share such information with its affiliates and partners that would enable the website to provide essential services to its clients like technical support.

ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING will only be obligated to disclose any of the personal information of its users if it is required to do so by a legal authority according to the law.

The users will be able to upload content to the website but this content can be edited or changed and even deleted if it is found to be abusive by the management team of ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING.

All of the terms that exist on this page can be changed completely or altered at any time and the website can do that without having to consult the users or notify them with such change. It is also important to note that the users are giving their ultimate consent once they start using the website by viewing its content, using any of its services or make any purchases.


It is important to know that once you access any page of this website and view any of the offered content, you are immediately giving approval to all of the listed terms in this page as well as the privacy policy page. So if you do not approve of any single term in these two pages, you should not open or access any of the pages of ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING.

You should also know that all of these terms can be altered by the management of the website at any time. Such change can occur without having to notify you or any other users before or after the alteration takes place. This change includes small or huge changes to any of the terms as well as removing terms and adding new ones.

The website is not in any way responsible for abiding by the laws and rules of different jurisdictions and countries, as it is the duty of each user to check these regulations before accessing this website.

ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING assures you that it does not and will not use cookies on any of the pages that belong to the website. The website will occasionally offer links or suggest websites, if you click on any of these links, you are on your own as ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING will not be responsible for you. These external websites can use cookies and they can offer abusive or even harmful content that ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING is not in control of.

ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING offers different forms of content to its users in order to help them in their research purposes. All of the content belongs to the website and it can be changed at any time. ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING can accept money in exchange of publishing content such as articles and reviews.