Online Gambling in Danger in Past Years

In past years, under different administrations, online poker players were nervous about legislation that was supposed to be signed. The measures were going to block any financial transactions that helped to spur Internet gambling and the item was covertly attached to a bill that had to do with port security.

This piece of legislation, which first came about in 2006, threatened to severely cripple the online gambling industry, which was worth about $12 billion at the time. Half of the Internet gaming revenue would have been cut off or suspended. Professional poker player Mike Sexton said that he didn’t believe Congress should be able to tell people what they can or cannot do in their own homes, especially when they are not bothering anyone. According to Sexton, passing such legislation violates rights.

Many of the Internet gambling sites are based outside the U.S. in order to avoid the various laws that prohibit gambling. Enforcement of these laws, however, is hard and the companies outside the country have made billions of dollars.

The bill that came around in 2006, however, there is more enforcement behind it now since banks and even credit card companies would not have been able to process the gambling transactions in the online world. Companies that are based in the U.S said they would move to other countries if the bill was passed.

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